On Chris' very first Sunday working at Christ's Church, I carefully selected Molly's dress.  It was a beautiful lavender dress with her sweet little sandals.  My one year old had just enough hair to pull aside with a clip.  I wanted to make a nice impression.

She was so cute and Chris and I spent the whole drive from Williamston talking about how excited we were about starting our new adventure with CC.  We were looking forward to our first Sunday.

Until Molly threw up in the backseat of our car just minutes away from our arrival at the church.  


I dropped Chris off at church, and because we weren't living in town yet, and because we decided it was because Molly had had too much apple juice that morning before hopping in the car for the 45 minute drive, and because she appeared to be feeling better, I cleaned her off and quickly drove to Target to pick out a new outfit for her to wear to church that morning.  Normally, I adhere to the 24-hour rule, but I couldn't very well kill time with a puke covered kid in Greenville.  I decided that if she was still feeling badly that I would just keep her in Chris' office until church was over.  

She was fine the rest of the day, and thus we began our tenure at CC.

This morning I wasn't quite as selective about picking our clothes for our kids.  However, I did note this morning how cute Lily looked in her outfit.  She was having a good hair day and she looked really sweet in her red sweater and boots.  I was hoping to get a few good pictures of our family today as we celebrated Chris' last day working at CC.  As we were driving this morning, I was looking forward to the Family Service and reflecting on the past few years. 

Around the same place (that little bridge on Davenport Farm Rd) that Molly had her episode that first Sunday, I happened to turn around this morning and see Lily with her hands over her mouth.  When I asked her if she was ok, she said, "I think I'm going to throw up!" and started heaving in the backseat.  


We quickly pulled into the church parking lot.  I ran in long enough to tell Jordan I was leaving and quickly wiped Lily down in the bathroom.  Chris and Molly stayed at church this morning, and Lily and I made the trip back home. 

I'm sad that I won't be there this morning to support my husband on his last day working at CC.  Thank goodness that this isn't our last Sunday at the church as a family or I would be very upset.  I'm beyond thankful for our church family at CC.  They have been very supportive and loving.  Chris and I decided long ago that if we wouldn't regularly attend the church we were employed by, that it would be time to look for somewhere else to work.  We're happy that CC has been our church home, as well as Chris' place of employment, for the past 6 or so years.  Our decision to interview at the camp was not because we were looking to leave the church.  We actually believed that it was a no-lose situation because we would remain at the church either way.     

Thank you CC for the opportunity to serve your congregation.  Thank you for the blessing you've been for our family.  Thank you for loving on us, praying for and with us, and treating us as family (and not just employees).  We feel incredibly blessed by you all and we are looking forward to transitioning into regular membership with you.  I'm sorry that I won't be able to be at church today to tell you these things, but believe me when I say that we are so glad that CC came into our lives when it did.  We love your children, we love your worship ministry, we love your staff and leadership, we love your volunteers, and we love your people.  

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