We're movin' on up. . .

er, over.  
To-o the east si-ide. 

I'd like to finally have a piece of pie, too.  
I haven't had a piece of pie since Christmas.  

That's a heart breaker. 

And this move is probably starting in about t-minus 3 weeks.  I have been slowly packing--some out of season items here, some bathing suits there.  The girls have packed a few of their least precious toys and most precious breakable items.  I've gone through my bookcase and packed my good china.  Most of the decor items that sit on my mantle or around the house (small frames, Willow Tree people, and glass votives) have been carefully packed.

It's a strange feeling.  

With the exception of a lovely hand drawn map of our new home (thanks to Christie W.), I have no idea what to expect in our new location.  I don't have room dimensions. I have no idea about of the amount of sunlight during certain times of the day.  I can't pick paint colors yet.  And I don't even know the mood of the house--because the mood will tell me so many of these things.  Will we be light and airy in our choices?   Would we rather have warm and cozy?  Will I feel more aquatic in my color palette?  Will I stick with my affinity towards browns and grays?  Will my happy green walls in my current kitchen look good in my new kitchen?  I get to pick new flooring as well--will I go with carpet or wood?  What colors will I choose?  And how will all of THAT affect my other choices in the house?

All very trivial items, but things I'm curious about.  

Most likely the girls will be sharing a room at the new house.  I was surprised that there wasn't a lot of grief over this at all--of course, I probably could have told Molly that she would have to sleep in the dorms and she would have packed it up (pack it in*) and happily endured showers with flip flops.  We will need to get Molly a new single bed since her queen bed will end up in the guest room.  And she's decided she wants something a little more hip for her bedspread.

Like zebra print and hot pink sheets.  

And Lily is Purplelicious.  

Of course they would want something completely different.

Why can't IKEA relocate a little closer to eastern NC????  

Another decision for another day.

So, today, I will probably continue to weed, sift, pick and pack through my home.  I will label boxes generally with no idea of final destination.  I will throw away junk we haven't touched since we've moved to this house.  I will decide if I can live without items for another few weeks.  And it will be a good trip down memory lane at this fun house.

*If your mind started singing, plus 2 points and a cookie for you!

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