Little Family of 4

Today we are cleaning and organizing around the Avery household (more on that topic later, maybe tomorrow or the next day).  

Last night, I went through my eldest daughter's closet and pulled out the outgrown items.  The favorites went into a box with Lily's name on it for later.  The least favorites and least worn items went into a bag for Goodwill.

This morning I started the same process for my youngest child's closet. 

The least favorites and the least worn items went into the same bag for Goodwill.

The outgrown favorites. . . well, I couldn't do it.  I couldn't put them into the bag for Goodwill.  I just couldn't.  It almost made me mad that I couldn't do it and mad that I was in the situation that I felt like I needed to do it.  

Please tell me I'm not the only lunatic who is probably not having another child but isn't quite ready to give away a few pretty dresses.  

Like the dress she was wearing here:

Lauren Thorn Photography
I just can't part with it.  Not yet.  

Maybe it's the colors.  

Maybe it's the top-knot sprout of sweetness. 

Look at those cheeks.  

And those curls.


Whether it's about the dress or something more, I'm not ready to deal with it today.

So I put it, and a handful of other dresses, into a small box to store in the attic. 

I'll just deal with it another day when I'm feeling emotionally stable.  

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