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It seems like the word "joy" keeps creeping into my life this year.  Ever since the Christmas season ended, I've felt a specific need to keep joy in my life.  I always find myself in a serious slump after the holidays end and the decorations are put away.  My mom even gave me a daily joy devotional for Christmas this year.  

I have found that joy doesn't have to only happen during the Christmas season.  I can find joy in the everyday things such as a cup of coffee and a pretty journal for my morning devotional time.  Or, I can leave a little love note in my daughter's lunch box or giving someone a fun little present to lift their spirits. 

I love, love, love the items that DaySpring is promoting this month!  I chose the Everyday Joy collection and I am in love!  I adore the polka dots and the colors.  The coffee mug is just the right size--and I love the blue and white polka dots at the bottom of the mug.  That was a complete surprise the first time I finished my cup of coffee--I didn't even notice that detail until them!  The handle is not too thin and has a very nice thumb rest on the top.  It has quickly become one of my new favorite mugs--and I am slightly snobby about my morning mug.  It can't be too small, too thin, or too uncomfortable to hold.  We are currently packing up our home and I'm putting the non-essential items into boxes--but this beauty is going to remain unboxed until I make the drive to our new home!

I also really enjoy the journal.  I often used cheap composition notebooks for my journals--but this seems to class up my daily thoughts and prayers.  I love the wide spiral and the reminders of joy on every other page.  It's a perfect pair for my coffee mug!

One thing that surprised me about this collection were the notepads.  They come in a 3-tiered stack.  I didn't expect them to be as large as they were.  My favorite size so far is the bottom stack--nice and big for someone like me with big handwriting.  I often dislike squeezing my writing in on small post-its--I love having a little more room to write!  However, the other two are just right for a quick message or reminder notes for when I'm out and about.  

Finally, I'm excited to share a little present with a friend using the gift bag.  There is just something fun about a cute bag with a friendly message on the outside.  I love the thickness and quality of the bag as well.  I strongly dislike the cheaply made bags that rip when you open them.  This has a very sturdy feel to it and will hold up in the event that someone wanted to reuse the bag to pass on the message to another friend!

Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring us joy--I know this collection has brought a smile to my face this past month when things have been crazy around our house.  Make sure you check out this collection at DaySpring as well as some of the other great things they have on sale right now!

DaySpring provided me with the Everyday Joy collection to review for free.  
All opinions on this page are completely my own.  

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