Happy New Year!

It's so festive at our house this evening.  

Lazy afternoon resulting in laundry and lounging in pajamas. 

Kids in bed by 7:15pm. 

Well, sort of. . . 

Lily had a nose pain that needed "medicine"--instead she got a good nose blowing.  

And then a friendly reminder to go to bed. 

Chris and I are relaxing on the couch watching Grimm.  

It's an interesting show--sort of fairy tales meets Law & Order

I love me some Law & Order.  


Earlier this evening I made sure I took a few obligatory tree photos before it all comes down this week. 

Resulted in this cuteness:

Sweet Buster Ray.  Always ready for a photo op. 

It's been a good year for our family.  

Here's hoping that 2012 brings even more adventures and excitement to Casa Avery. 

Happy New Year!

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