I am Most Thankful

For the little things

eating with family outside in a barn

cheesecake cupcakes and my sweet nephew Ryan
 (Not to be confused with the other Ryan_ _ _ who also makes them.  I'm thankful for her as well.  And her cupcakes.)

taking a deep breath 

International Delight creamer on sale at Food Lion (how else can one fully experience all of the holiday flavorings unless they are 4/$5???)  

Buster Ray Dog and the way he hides his special treats from his Grandmama Carolyn


old stories with good friends

coffee, fire, journal, Word

flannel sheets

grandparents who let their grandchildren spend the night

Wednesday night tv dates with my spouse 

simple delights of children

swirly whirly leaves

my students--past and present who make me laugh, smile, and glad I chose my profession

the fragrance of holiday cooking


a beautiful morning to collect the paper--especially the one containing the Black Friday specials

for crazy friends who stay up late with you doing crazy things with all of those other crazies out there

good co-workers

the comforts of home

and a sweet Baby's birth.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  
I hope your day is filled with family, friends, fellowship, and good memories! 

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