he is a liar.

I meet with a lovely group of ladies once a month.  We're currently reading through Emily P. Freeman's Grace for the Good Girl.  I've loved meeting with these ladies and talking through some serious issues for all of the good girls out there.  You have no idea how insane women's brains and emotions can be until you sit down with a group of good girls.  

And you thought the bad girls were bad. . .

There are many things we've discussed, but one point that repeatedly returns in our discussions in (and out of) the group is that Satan is a liar.  

Sweet A. stated this in our very first meeting and her words have rung true again and again in conversations I've had with the ladies in the group. 

he is a big ol' liar who wants to devour you whole.  

he whispers things like "you are not good enough" and "you will never measure up" and "everyone will know who you really are--and who you really aren't." 

he taunts us with the reminders of our past mistakes and makes us squirm.  he knows the worst things about us and uses them against us.  

he tells us that love is something that must be earned.  

he whispers that there is no such thing as peace or hope or rest.  

he is a liar. 

Because he fails to tell the whole truth. 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:13

I am not enough. But Christ is. 

I will never measure up, I am a sinner, and I have dark secrets. 

Yet His blood more than covers the multitude of my sins.  

His blood covers my past. 

His blood covers my present. 

And His blood sets me free.  

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