Christmas is creeping into my house. . .

Which is so unlike me.

I am normally done in 1-2 days--and I mean done.  Trees up, nativities in place, wreaths hung, bathroom decorated, Christmas plates out, Rudolph village in place, and empty boxes back to the attic.

And then I light my fire, brew some coffee, and sit and enjoy the ambiance.  

This year it's taking a little bit longer.  I'm surrounded by bins and boxes of stuff--and Lily's room is still in the dining room thanks to Irene repair.

And I'm feeling a little lost because there is SO MUCH STUFF all over the place.  Christmas here, toys there, life happening all over the house.

In some ways I'm feeling a strong urge towards a minimalist holiday in regards to decorations. Sparse can be pretty, too--right?!?!

Until I see photos from last year and get swoony over razzle dazzle and twinkly lights and sparkly stars that I found on clearance last year at a home decoration store (that my family does not speak of because of a rather unfortunate event with a certain cousin of mine who shall remain nameless).  

We'll just call that store: "Wooden Planks over Large Body of Water Uno." 

I love their glittery and sparkly decorations!

So, I'm trying my hardest not to push myself to the point of exhaustion trying to get it all done RIGHT NOW.  Life is happening and I'm trying to spend time in it rather than letting it happen around me.  

Baby steps. 

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