Busy. Rest.


What a lovely word.  

This is the season of crazy.  It begins this week as we march towards Thanksgiving and continues at lightning fast speed towards Christmas Day.  We will all fill our calendars with parties, and gatherings, and shopping, and doing, and busy.  We will all say, "Oh, I'm not going to do much this year blah blah" and then somehow on December 16th we're EXHAUSTED and still have 5 presents to wrap before the big office party and family portrait session and laundry and shopping and it's already 2:00pm.

It's a vicious, vicious cycle.  

I feel the Lord, in so many of His subtle ways, telling me to breathe.  To take space.  To make space.  To fill the hearts of my family rather than the hearts of people I barely know.  I feel His urging to slow, inhale deeply the wonder of this season--rather than huff and puff and cross the finish line on December 25th.  I hear His voice calling me towards the less-is-more mentality.  Taking stock of what's really important, rather than filling stockings with busy, stressed, and unhappy. 

To fill my days looking upward rather than downward at my mounting to-do list.  To stop feeling the urge to cross off, check the box, and complete the list.  To be caught up in the moment with my girls--to sing and dance, share the story of the nativity, and to be filled with the joy and peace through His birth.  

To fill my days with resting in His leading.  

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