Backseat Drivers.

There are times we are pregnant with life.  

We are full of anticipation and desperately seeking His plan for us.  

We wait for outcomes. 

We know we are in particular seasons for particular reasons.  

We trust that He will lead us there (wherever "there" is), but we are often impatient and sometimes wish He would drive a little faster.

We're like the children of Israel in the backseat of life, "How much longerrrrr??????"  

Lord, work on our hearts.  

Create in us a sense of peace. 

Create in us a sense of wonder. 

Create in us a sense of joy when watching You move ever so slightly.  

Help us to delight in the journey rather that remaining anxious in the anticipation of reaching the destination.  

PS:  My sweet friend, Caroline (local girl-turned South African missionary-turned local girl), wrote a post this week with a similar theme about finding Him in the moment.  Definitely worth a read!

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