Autumn. And Life.

This past week I've made a point to count blessings instead of irritations.  

Perhaps it's because we're heading into an extended season (especially if you're at my house during the months of November and December) of joy.   

Perhaps it's because my life was so chaotic this past month that I'm thankful for some breathing room in my calendar again. 

Whatever it is, I'm glad for the change of perspective.

I'm so blessed to have good friends to share life with.  I have a wonderful family.  I attend a great church.  I have a good job.  Life is good.    

This weekend the air has been crisp and the temperatures are cool--announcing the return of glorious, glorious autumn.  

And for some reason, I feel a deep connection with autumn this year.  

Perhaps because it's the season in which nature demonstrates that even death can be beautiful.  

For I serve a Lord that brings good things from the terrible.  

Even when a tragedy occurs.  

Even when a loved one dies.  

Even when good things come to an end. 

There is beauty in the final hour.  

And the first minute, hour, day, week, year, lifetime.  

Maybe it took Ayden's corner to smell it.

Maybe it took megan's show to see it.  

Maybe it took Jill's service to feel and hear it.

Maybe it took 10.3.10 to be surrounded by it. 

But there is a mark on those who have been touched by loss.  

You can always see it in their eyes.  

You have to look past the sadness and you will find strength.




Perhaps you also have to be touched by loss to see it.   

And perhaps that's why I appreciate these red and orange leaves even more this year.  

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