These past few days (and the days ahead) in the Avery house have been madness.  Complete and crazy madness.  Dinners with friends, homework, lesson plans, rehearsals, meetings, appointments, a wedding (at the aquarium!), church activities, etc.  Our next week is looking the same way.  I look at my calendar filled with wonderful, great, and even fun things. . .and cringe.

Because all I want is rest.  

Not only do I want to just be able to sit down and stay awhile, I need some rest for my mind and soul.  My routine has been shaken--no more lovely Tuesday and Thursday mornings to sit and read and write and sip and rest.  I'm surrounded by the promise of daily excitement and all I'm really looking for is that quiet moment to myself.  

It's not at all that I regret making this decision to change jobs--I certainly have more time with my family and it is so good to be working with elementary children again.  I really like the people I work with, and I love the crazy morning and afternoon rides with my kids.  I am never lonely in the car anymore. 

But I'm also not alone. 

Sometimes it's hard to find that space to breathe when life is happening all around you.  It's hard to find that margin of sanity.  It's hard to pick and choose which life moments deserve your attention and which ones can wait.  

But I'm doing the best I can.  My plan (after this week) is to try again to say, "No" to things that aren't important and "yes" to those that are life-giving.  "No" to the overcrowded calendar and "yes" to rest and revitalization.  

What about you?  Anyone else in this boat with me???

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