Mama A Says: You are the meanest person in the world.

Helloooooo my precious darlings!  Long time, no posts from Mama A!  I hope you are enjoying this last little bit of summerlike temps before we settle in for glorious fall!

And we all know which holiday season is right around the corner!!!!  EEEKKK!!!

Tonight's Mama A post is specifically written for the grown folks.  I've grown very weary of some of the grown folks I come into contact with--but there are none worst than the meanest people in the world.

And when some of you speak, it ruffles every. single. imaginary. feather. on. my. body!

Because you can't just speak or state your opinion--you constantly choose to say things in such a way that are hurtful, rude, and unnecessary.  Not only that, people don't even want to be around you because you are so hurtful with your words.  You have no problem complaining when things aren't going your way, your expectations of others are exaggerated and unfair, and you are just a plain ol' sourpuss.

I really think you must have a highly exaggerated self-esteem.  You must think that you've got it all figured out and that the rest of us are just morons.  You are too busy trying to be right that you have stopped hearing how overly critical and rude your voice sounds to the rest of us.

And, we are tired of being judged by you and your ridiculously high standards.  Your standards aren't biblical, it's just the Gospel According to Yo-Self.  And you have no problems preaching to anyone who will listen.

When I look at you I wonder what it must be like to live and create such misery wherever you go.  I wonder if you know what it's like to be happy or at least content.  I can't imagine walking around carrying so much displeasure with the state of affairs.  I would be so unhappy.

Stop being so MEAN!

So, ladies and gents let's check ourselves.  Is Mama A speaking to you?

Answer the following questions:

Do you find yourself constantly in an argument with others?
Do you find yourself constantly complaining about others or situations?
Are you able to take the blame?
Do you live in a bubble?
Do you constantly question why people can never seem to see things your way?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions--THEN JUST STOP BEING SO DAGGONE MEAN ALL THE TIME!!!

How about instead of wasting your time being mean, focus on the positive.  Try to find at least one nice thing to say before you jam your opinions down someone's throat.  Many people call this a "Compliment Sandwich" aka positive-critical-postive.

For example, this is how to approach a person and share a complaint:

Mama A approved:  Hi, Xavier!  I really loved your colorful shirt on Sunday morning!  It was a great color on you!  By the way, I also enjoyed your talk, but if I could offer a suggestion, I would have remembered to say blah blah instead of bleck bleck.  Again, just my opinion, but I also wanted to say that I really liked your presentation slides--I could tell you worked a while on them.

Mama A will punch you in the face:  Xavier, your talk on Sunday was really dumb.  I can't believe they let you up front to speak.  You certainly looked nervous and I could barely hear a word you were saying.

My friends, this terrible sickness must be cured!  Ephesians 4:29.

And if you keep it up, one of these days you're going to find yourself in a spitting match with someone who is bigger and meaner than you.

And we'll all resist the urge to just sit back and watch.  

Love and smooches, 

Mama A. 

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