But for tonight. . .

This past week has been chaotic and crazy.  In this week alone I have:

  • Welcomed some friends back to the country
  • Taken Molly to the dentist (alas, not teeth were lost in that adventure)
  • Survived my first Curriculum Night at my school. 
  • Listened through two days of chorus auditions 
  • Prepared for this weekend's Girlfriends Kickoff
  • Worked and dealt with regular daily/weekly needs
  • Been observed teaching by my principal
  • Led worship with my fabulous family and fellow church bandmates for the Girlfriends' Kickoff event--it was awe to the some!
  • Ate until I was sufficiently full at Deadwood
  • Church this morning and worked to prep dinner for SNK

All of that has left me rather tired and beat.

But in a very good way.  

My life is good.  I have a lot less on my plate this week.  There will still be laundry and the ever growing to-do list.

But for tonight. . . I shall sit and enjoy some down time.

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