It Only Takes a Baby

It only takes a baby to remind you how much wonder and hope this life has to offer.

It only takes a baby to remind you that stupid things like Facebook statuses, social schedules, and traffic really don't matter.

It only takes a baby to make you realize that this life is so much bigger than that pile of papers staring you in the face at work.

It only takes a baby to give you a reason to hug those around you a little bit tighter.

A baby is such a real reminder of the fragility of life. 

One of our dearest family of friends has a newborn baby at UNC-CH hospital.  She's just made it out of surgery to correct a closure in her esophagus.  After some c-section complications, the mother should be able to make the ride from Jacksonville to be with her husband and the baby very soon.  Even though the family is not out of the woods and will most likely be in the hospital with this precious baby girl for a couple of weeks, it appears that things will be ok.

If you're the praying sort, please take a moment and pray for the Copeland family

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