I Feel Sorta Like Her

I feel just like my daughter two short years ago on her first day of school.  

Except I'm 32.  

And I don't rock purple Crocs. 

This week is my first week of school.  I feel like a new student all over again--you know, the "will they like me?"s, and "will I meet other staff people that I like and can be friends with?"s, or the "will I actually make a difference?"s are plaguing my thoughts. 

It's a little overwhelming.  

But, I'm very excited.  I've got new letters and trimmers for my bulletin boards, new ideas for fun (and fundamental) lessons, and new activities itching to be taught.  I've got brand new supplies in brand new containers, a SMARTboard, and other fun techno things to use in my classroom.  

And I've really missed hearing those little voices sing.  

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