Mommy Needs an Independence Day

A day in which she is free from the ever growing laundry pile.

A day in which she is free from the mountains of paperwork and bills that clutter corners of her kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or any other place they could be stacked until dealt with later.

A day in which she can open her kitchen cabinets without the need for football padding to protect her from the precariously placed kitchen gadgets--they have a tendency to fall you know.

A day in which all of the crumbs and spills would clean themselves up.

A day in which the bedroom would transform from the ugliest, catch-all room of the house into a place that might actually be nice and relaxing with the door open for company to see.

A day in which the floors and tubs and toilets and sinks would scrub themselves.

A day in which the coffee and conversations would flow freely.

A day in which the junk would rid itself from the home permanently (and stay gone!)

A day in which the paint would freshen itself and not require a trip to our neighborhood home improvement store.

A day in which a lady could exercise for fun instead of chasing the youth and beauty that jumped and rolled out of the wagon a few years ago.  

A day in which the children would have oodles of ideas about ways to keep themselves entertained instead of being bored at 8:21am.

A day in which the meals could be organic, wholesome, and delicious--and then magically cleared away when we're done eating them.

A day in which I could sit on the couch and read a wonderful book.

Or a day in which I could sit outside in my perfectly manicured lawn and host a party with red-checkered table cloths and cute clothes and red-white-and blue desserts.  I would also like those fun little decorative lights on my table umbrella.

Wouldn't that be lovely? 

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