A whole lot can happen in 9 short years.  

Change jobs 8 times. 

Paint 10 rooms.  (Some rooms more than once.)

Go skiing falling with friends. 

1 emergency dentist visit. 

Survive 3 surgeries.  (All mine.) 

Talk to David Crowder on the phone. 

Beach and kayak adventures. 

Visit NYC. 

Lose (and find 5 years later) one wedding band. 

1 broken arm. 

6 cars.

Sending our firstborn to kindergarten AND first grade.  

Lice, mice, and bats. 

Drive through a tornado with friends.  ("That sky is awfully green. . .")

1 MRI.   (All clear!) 

Move 4 times. 

Face terrible accidents and attend funerals.  

Celebrate marriages and babies with others. 

Hurricanes and snow storms. S.S. 1000!

Laughing at certain words.

Jokes.  (H.C. is still my favorite!)  

Tube down a mountain stream. 

Go to Disney 3 times.

Crazy pills. 

Gain 2 kids. 

Eat at The Lady & Sons.  Holy butter, Batman!


5 fish. (Gladys Knight, The Pips, and Blue)

2 cats.  ("There's something wrong with this cat!")

1 "special" dog.  (He can't help it that he's from a puppy mill.)

I'm glad you were here for the ride, Christacular!  
I love you! 

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