What Makes Your Heart Full?

These past two weeks have been beyond chaotic.

My work has been crazy with exams and Commencement, we've had lots and lots of visitors (some very lovely, some not so lovely), there have been two retreats, visits from grandmas, and a house cleaning frenzy.

I've been completely out of my schedule and routine. I've been completely behind on my housework and because we've had other issues I'm swamped in laundry.

I've not had any time for myself.  To sit.  To pray.  To read.  To journal.

And my heart has been aching for it.  

This morning I whispered out loud one of the deepest desires of my heart.  I wrote it down in my journal.  I handed it to Him.

I don't know if He will make it come to pass.  And that's ok.  I'm feeling very S, M, and A these days and I'm clinging to Daniel 3:16-18 with everything I've got.  

This morning we're having a Movie Morning.  Instead of a movie night, we've decided to fix an enormous breakfast and watch a movie together in our pjs.  We're watching "Tangled"--which is fitting on so many levels.  

I hope your weekend is glorious and that your soul gets much needed rest. 

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