Mama A Says: Girls! Put Your Clothes BACK ON!!!

Hello My Summer Lovin' Lovelies!

Mama A's back with more words of wisdom and advice for the young and fun folks in her world.

It was 80+ degrees this past week in eastern NC.

I didn't even have to step foot outside of my home (or car) to check the temperature.  Marvin and Jim on WITN didn't have to tell me it was hot outside.  I didn't even have to check my most favorite channel (TWC) to see the temperature.

Oh no, I have a much more reliable method.

All I have to look for is Prostitute Barbie!  

She's everywhere I go these days.  And I'm going to guess that you've seen her and all of her BFFs, too!

You might have a P.B. sighting if you've seen a girl/lady/woman:
  • Wearing shorts that are up her booty butt crack.  
  • Wearing a dress that was clearly on clearance because it only covers about one square foot of her body.  
  • Wearing tank tops that she found in the toddler department (bonus: this sometimes results in a toddler belly pudge as well!)
  • Pairing those toddler tanks with the shortest shorts known to mankind
  • Wearing toddler tanks that plunge all the way to the toddler belly pudge
  • Wearing clothing that suffocates AND accentuates simultaneously. 
Oh, it's sad when girls have no shame and insist on putting it ALL out there for the world to see.  No need to be mysterious, classy, or respectable--you're just going to literally let it all hang out.

There are many ways to look cute and stylish without having to resort to exposing yourself.  I'd expect these wardrobe choices if I was going to the club.  I even expect it when I'm at the beach or on the river.

But I'm tired of going to the grocery store, Target, weddings, and sometimes even churches and having to avert my gaze.  

Ladies!!!!!  Cover it up!!!!

You've been warned.  

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