Beauty in the Now.

There are moments I look ahead and wonder, "What if?"

What if this situation comes to pass?  What if this situation doesn't come to pass?

It can all be a very worrisome process.  Ponder, worry, concern, and consider.  Repeat.

This morning I'm choosing to find the beauty in the now.  

The beauty of this morning.  This afternoon.  The today.  The tonight.

The beauty in my life this minute.  Without worry for tomorrow.  Without worry for later this week.  Without worry for a month, year, decade, or lifetime from now.

There is enough to do today to keep my mind occupied. 

There are dreams to make, pictures to draw, laundry to fold, counters to clean.  There are crumbs to wipe, faces to kiss, and books to read.  There are fairy princesses, bubbles in the tub, and the sunlight streaming through my windows at various points within the day.

There is beauty here.
Right this minute.
In the now.

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