I Lerve this Blog.

If you are unfamiliar with this blog, please, please, please check it out.

Emily has such an incredible way with words.  I believe she is my favorite blogger--her word imagery, her artist's heart, and her transparency are a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere.

I am never jealous of her words.  I never feel like she's trying to compete with the rest of us.  I never feel like I'm failing miserably.

All too often I run across those "we're perfect and happy" mommy blogs and I want to vomit after reading them OR I want to dash to Target and pick up matchy matchy outfits so my kids won't be the only ones with their nightgowns still on and rumpled hair and crumbs on their faces at 4:45pm.

Emily takes life and presents it in a real way that I can relate to. Her's artist's view on things fills certain places of my heart.  I appreciate her words.

Which blogs do you enjoy reading on a regular basis?

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