The Gift of Written Word

I picked it up last August for a whole $0.25.  A pink, wide-ruled, marbled composition book at Target.  It was cute, it was functional, and it was cheap.

If I didn't see the project through, then I wouldn't be out more than a quarter.  I could probably find that quarter sometime and call it even.

But I chose to write.  And write.  And write.  And write.

This marbled composition book has brought me through wonderful moments of peace and clarity.  A clipping from Southern Living, funny moment from my kids, random thoughts (anyone else love the sound of crinkled notebook paper that has been written on both sides?  Anyone else get a weird sense of satisfaction at all?  Anyone???) 

It also saw me through some deep, deep moments.  Moments of sadness, moments of resolution, moments of confusion.  I have words that will only be shared between the Lord and myself.  Too private to share with people, too private to share here.

I don't have the gift of words like some people.  I write from the heart--it's matter of fact, honest, and off the cuff.  I rarely use large vocabulary words, and I tend to put my important statements in the middle.

Because if you're a skimmer like me, your eyes are drawn to changes in the text. 

I never plan for what leaps from my heart onto the paper (or on the keys when I share my thoughts here).  It just comes in a wave, I flush it out, and I move on.

I had a similar period of writing from the end of my junior year into my senior year of college.  A year of trying to determine who I really was and who I wanted to be in this Great Big Wonderful World.  My notebook was slightly fancier, you could probably even call it a journal as it had recycled pages that weren't ironed smooth at a factory.  It was beautiful with a ribbon tie.

There are many times I go through my belongings as a way to purge, but I will never part with these.  These books are evidence of growth, change, and life.  I see things in myself that I would never notice in the day in, day outness of life.

37.  Written word
38.  Personal growth

These are some of my gifts, what are yours?

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