No one likes to "wait" on the Lord.  

I mean, we all say we are "waiting on the Lord" to give images of pious faces waiting calmly in anticipation of the next great and incredible move.  Certainly no one is checking their watch or reminding Him of upcoming human deadlines.  We are all cool as cucumbers as we wait for His words of inspiration and direction.

Yeah, right.  

The truth is, we try desperately to convince Him that we have this all figured out.  We know how things need to be and we like to send him FYIs and memos with checklists that He needs to quickly address.  We try to tie cute strings to His fingers (fingers that created the world, mind you).  We plead with Him on behalf of our planners and PDAs.

We remind Him that WE are the gods and He needs to listen to us for a change.

Surely we know what's best for us.  

I wonder, in times like these, if He looks down on us like little babies screaming to be fed, changed, or held when all we really need is to simply rest.  

Photography by the lovely Lauren Thorn

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