Taking Time To Rest

It's a slow moving Sunday.  A rare treat for my family.

It's raining, we're still in pjs, and we're gathered around the kitchen table drinking coffee and catching up.

We aren't rushing to make it to church almost two hours before the first service starts, we aren't double checking lessons and making sure we have chord sheets and cords to our instruments.  We aren't packing breakfast for the girls to eat at church while their parents are getting things ready for services.

The girls and I are visiting my mother's family in Delaware this weekend.  We don't have to be anywhere early this morning, we will attend one service today, and I'm not in charge of anything.

Being employed by (or married to) the ministry is a wonderful thing.  We are blessed beyond measure and I wouldn't trade what we do for the world.  We have seen the Lord move in incredible ways and have been humbled beyond measure by the kind and gracious people we serve beside.  We are grateful to be a part of a great church full of great people.  

But sometimes, every once in a while, it's nice to be a regular person on Sunday morning. 

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