Love Songs: The Woolards

This post comes at ya from Chris and Lindsey Woolard.  We have the privilege of serving with them at our church.  I remember Chris and Lindsey from way back when they were campers at Roanoke Christian Service Camp--two crazy kids (well, one crazy kid and one who reigned in the crazy) very much in love and ready to take on the world.  You can visit their own blogs here and here.  

Love songs mean different things to different people. When it comes to my wife and I we’ve constantly had great music playing as the soundtrack to our 12 years (and counting) together. I play the role of the thoughtful DJ, completely lost in thinking about the lyrics and composition. Meanwhile, she is the one singing along giving absolutely no thought to what key the song is in or what great philosophical merit the song may have. It works for us. I like to hear her sing and she puts up with my endless babbling about how I “LOVE” this song, or “listen to that guitar solo...he’s sooooo good.”

As we talked about making a list of our top 10 love songs her first words were, “that’s all you...I don’t know any.” I laughed at the thought and opened itunes for her. One by one the tunes came to me. Each one taking us back to a moment, or a period of time that we’ve shared. It was fun talking through some songs and re-living some old times. I must admit, we don’t have “a song.” There are just too many good ones. But here are a list of some of our greats. Of course, there are more than 10 on our top 10.

1. Happy Together: by the turtlesA true classic. This song was the exit song ( think they call it a recessional) at our wedding. 

2. Better Together: by Jack JohnsonJack Johnson is a true master of love songs. We have loved listening to him together through the years and this song sums up our relationship quite well. We’re a team.

3. Oh, it is love: By HellogoodbyeA few years ago I fell in love with Hellogoodbye. I’ll be honest, they’re not for everyone. They’re quirky and sometimes downright annoying. Like many bands that I invest in, I feared that my wife wouldn’t dig on them like I did. I was excited when I learned that she enjoyed the tunes as much me. (Ok, maybe not AS much.) This band is just plain fun! I have a hard time picking my favorite by them. Another is, “Baby it's fact” (actually, the whole Hellogoodbye "Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!" makes me all mushy inside like a 12 year old girl reading a Stephanie Meyer book.)

4. Must Have Done Something Right: By Relient KLet me share a few lyrics as to why this song is so perfect for my thoughts about my wife: “We should get Jersey’s cause we make a good team. But yours would look better than mine cause you’re out of my league.”

Then the chorus: “If anyone could make me a better person, you could.” Yeah, well said Matt! Matthew Theisen is probably one of the best song writers of our time.

5. Stir it Up: By Bob MarleyI get weak when I hear people singing the chorus to this song to the top of their lungs. They’re like, “Yo, I’m so RASTA man! I know Marley!” Most of them have no idea that this song is a super sensual love song that would give Marvin Gaye goose bumps. 

6. You are So Beautiful to me: By Joe Cocker I sang this as Lindsey walked up the aisle at our wedding. I Also recorded a self produced EP back in college for Lindsey’s birthday that featured a cover of this song. It’s special to us. 

7. Brown Eyed Girl: by Van MorrisonIn our college days as well as early in our marriage I used to play in a coffee-house duo with my friend Aaron. We wore this song out as we serenaded our ladies week after week. As I sang I would always change the words to “with you girl” was part of our comedy bit but I know she liked it. 

8. In a Silent Way: By Mark Isham This jazz trumpet piece is a favorite for when things heat up. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. (ahem)

9. Come Away with me: By Norah JonesNorah Jones is perfect for the romantic moments. This song and its accompanying album have brought us many romantic evenings. Thanks Norah.

10. Ticket: By PuddleglumOkay, you’ll have a hard time even finding this song. Puddleglum was a local band when my wife and I were dating in high school. They got signed and became “The Swift” now, they are no more. But this song was majorly important to us in our early days. “You could be the one, this could be the day. This could be our chance to flap our wings and fly away”

Okay, a few honorable mentions to wrap things up:

Wanted: By Andrew Osenga Andrew is one of my favorite artists. This song is a darker look at love. It’s about a guy who looses everything but doesn’t care about anything but his love. “You are the only thing I could ever need. All I want is to be wanted by you”
I’m still a Guy: By Brad PaisleyI’m not a huge country fan but my wife is. And this fool can write a song! It’s a classic backwards love song.
Whatever it is: Zac Brown BandA perfect finale. Zac would love to write a love song...but he just can’t put into words what he wants to say to her. Man, I can relate.

So, that’s us. We had fun (yes, Lindsey helped me type this....that’s how we roll baby!). Hope you did too. Happy lovin’ folks! Peace, Chris and Lindsey

Thanks guys!  This is a great list!

More to come tomorrow. . . 

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