Having an accurate sense of intuition is a blessing and a curse sometimes.

There are times I know things are going to happen a certain way.  I feel a prompting or just know things about someone or a situation.

There are times I've been completely correct, and occasionally I'm wrong.

I like to think of this as two parts common sense and one part discernment.

This makes things very difficult at times to discern the Voice.  Do I really hear Him speaking to me, or is it a selfish hope on my heart?  Am I seeking His face or am I stacking facts and figures in my favor hoping to convince the One that created me that I'm correct in my calculations?

Right now there are a few things that are heavy on my heart.  There are things that I want so desperately, but I'm not sure if they are in His plan and His timing.  I'm caught in a struggle of wanting His will for my life and wanting what my heart wants, too.

I want my heart to be aligned with His.

I want my will to be aligned with His.

I want my plans to be aligned with His.

I want to rid myself completely of selfish desires and ambitions and goals.

I want to hear.  
I want to listen.  
I want to know.  
I want to be faithful.  

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