Lerve Songs: My Turn

It's Friday and it's finally my turn to give my spin on things. Thanks again to my friends who helped with this series. It's been a lot of fun reading all of your posts!

I honestly believe that if you don't at least appreciate some of the songs on this list that you and I might need to re-evaluate our friendship. If you don't like these songs then you and I apparently fail to speak the same language.

When I picked the songs on my list I thought about what makes me sing at full throttle--complete with fist clinches (not fist pumps, I ain't no Jersey Shore girl!) What songs make you swoon and what songs make you remember the heartbreak of your first real breakup? What words are so well written that you can't help but take notice? Which singer's voice gives me the shivers?

These songs are about staying together, breaking up, making up, and all that crazy jazz. I have found that I gravitate towards R&B--I think it's just my love language. There is nothing quite as fun as flipping through the radio with Chris and we'll take a stroll down memory road listening to these songs. We'll crank the radio, sing at the top of our lungs, and say things like, "Man! They just don't make music like this anymore!"

We know, we know, we're old people.

Let's start the list off right:

10. Luther Vandross, Here and Now.
This man has got a voice like buttah, I'm telling you, buttah! "Here and now, I promise to love faithfully." Oh, it takes me back to middle school dances and the forever love of 8th grade. I remember getting a little sad when he died because I knew it was the end of an era of quality male singing. There is a HUGE difference between his voice and male singers today. He's just got this incredible set of pipes--and he makes it so effortless. I love those just kick back and sing kind of guys. He felt no need to show off or convince you with ridiculous facial movements.

9. Boyz II Men, End of the Road.
Oh. MY. Word. Harmonies, coordinating outfits, and ridiculous vocals. Boyz II Men is a staple in my romantic music folder on my iPod. I mean: over the top, slow dancing with your lerve music. My favorite part is 3.15 for just one word: testosterone. Homeboy is talking in his low voice about being lonely and his heart hurting and the vocals on top. Whew. And if you don't clap your hands and sing along at the end when it's a capella at the end, we're breaking up right now.

8. Lionel Richie, Hello.
I remember hearing these lyrics when I was probably about 8:
Because I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
Or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue
But let start by saying
I love you

I remember just sitting in my room and feeling so sorry for that man who was obviously in love with that woman--and she had no clue! To be affected that deeply by a song and to be just a kid--you know it's got something to it.

And because you can't mention Lionel without mentioning. . .

7. The Commodores, Sail On.
My husband loves this song and is the one who really introduced me to it. I have always liked The Commodores, but I never really paid attention to the song until Christacular brought it to me. He's such a giver, that Chris Avery. I think this is probably in his top 5 best songs ever. I mean, you don't get anymore heartbroken: "I know it's a shame, but I'm giving you back your name." And then, you hear "Sail on--good times never felt so good." Such a mix of emotions all in one song. That 'I'm sorry you're leaving, but I'm glad to see you go because I'm getting my life back' type of song. Classic.

6. Goo Goo Dolls, Iris.
I love, love, love, love this song. It has that classic 90s music sound to it, but the opening lyric, "I'd give up forever to touch you" cemented my affinity for it. I remember being obsessed with this song in my college days.

5. U2, With or Without You
I mean, come on, it's Bono.

4. Aerosmith, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
When I was younger, Steven Tyler baffled me. I LOVED his music, but I wasn't sure what to think about him. He was pretty and dirty all at the same time. But, when I heard the opening line to this song, "I could stay awake, just to see you breathing"--it completely took my breath away (pun not intended). It could be very creeper, but somehow they avoided it because there was such a tenderness in the lyrics, and I remember wanting someone to love me like that. Someone just happy to be with me and not wanting to miss a moment. Such a great song.

3. Michael Buble, Everything
I love the lyrics of this song--such a great description of the intimacy of a relationship. Not bedroom intimacy--but the way you speak to each other without words. How you know each other after a while in a relationship. The knowing looks, the smiles, the inside jokes, the way you balance each other out. I also just like the happy-go-lucky quality to the song.

2. Vince Gill, Whenever You Come Around
I am not a country fan. I grew up listening to it because that's what Big John played in the car, but it's not my favorite genre. However, Mr. Vince Gill is a total dreamboat. His vocals are silky smooth. One time my mom and I were given 2nd row, center stage tickets and we about peed our pants. He's an excellent musician and he is just a simple country gentleman. You'll have to ask Chris sometime about his favorite Vince Gill song. . .
But, this song is just so simple--the sweetness of getting tongue-tied around your crush. The imagery of being completely flustered and "my world turns upside down whenever you come around."

1. Frank Sinatra, The Way You Look Tonight
There are many, many, many people who have taken on this song. But, that throw back, classic, Rat Pack voice of Mr. Sinatra does a little pitter patter in my heart.

Absolutely Fabulous Contenders That Must Be Included In This Post Because I Can't Pick Just Ten Songs--I'm a musician for crying out loud!!!!

K-Ci and JoJo, All My Life
Come on, this is classic. Piano, easy R&B drum beat, cellos, Mmmhmmm.

Eric Clapton, Wonderful Tonight

Journey, Open Arms
I give Journey a fit a lot because they are pretty cliche right now, but you will shut me up if you play this song. I'll be too busy closing my eyes and swooning.

Bonnie Raitt, I Can't Make You Love Me
I can't make you love me if you don't. I wish more girls would recognize the truth in this lyric. Stop trying to force that man to love you, he clearly isn't interested!

Stevie Wonder, I Just Called To Say I Love You
It's catchy, it's fun, it's Stevie Wonder, ya'll!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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