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Today's post comes from one of my students. Mike is getting ready to graduate in May--anyone want to hire someone with a counseling degree and a minor in worship music? Mike is definitely one of a kind and keeps us all on our toes. He's not afraid to speak his mind (which can be a blessing and/or a curse at times) and refuses to capitalize. Mike has his personal blog and is also a contributor at SongFail.com.

alright, amanda asked me to try and pick one song that i believed to be the worst love song of all time. not an easy task. over the years, i have made a point to try and get billboard's top 100 songs of the year and put them on my external hard drive, and boy what a help that was. however, we have a tie. coming in 15th place from 1992 we have a song from titled "achy breaky heart."

horrible song. why in the world did this dude (billy ray cyrus) get famous with this song? was there just a point in time where people all agreed that music sucked so bad that they needed to break down and accept that things weren't going to get better? nonetheless, it made the 15th spot. right between "black or white" (michael jackson) and "i'll be there" (mariah carey). wait. read that last sentence again. maybe i'm crazy, but billy ray cyrus must have gotten at least five votes from the entire hick population of the united states to pull that one off. mindblowing.

coming up next, we have one that's a little more familiar but no more enjoyable. time magazine named this song one of the 10 best songs of 2007, landing it at #7. billboard agreed and placed it at #7. the song was nominated for a grammy in 2008 for song of the year and best pop performance by a duo or group with vocal. vh1 included the song in its top 40 videos of 2007 at #8, right behind "if everyone cared" by nickelback (an even more disgraceful song and terribly disappointing band). the song's title, you ask? "hey there delilah" by the plain white t's. i had to sit in my car and listen to that song at least 3 times every half hour when i drove home from school (a total drive of an hour). every guy/girl in the world decided that this song would be their anthem and played it religiously. every guy that knew how to play guitar learned it asap. i was the guy that wanted to light those guitars on fire. maybe the people too.

hey. the next time you decide to try and pick a song for you and your significant other, remember these few requests. 1) there are other people around; no one wants to hear that song 40 times in a row while you suck faces with each other. 2) try and pick a song that's unique. not to bash couples that used them, but tesla's "love song" and the righteous brother's "unchained melody" have been used. come on. 3) never, ever pick a nickelback song (personal favor).

thanks for reading. now go listen to better music.

Thanks Mike for your candid remarks. You know our shih tzu, Buster Ray, was given a middle name because Molly thought all pets needed a middle name like B. Ray Cyrus.

And I agree that Nickelback just needs to be permanently retired.

For real.

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