You Know You're in a Van with a Bunch of Loonies When. . . (aka Tour Top 10)

I understand that 99% of my readers will have NO CLUE what this post is all about and I'm ok with that.  I believe in the importance of documenting momentous occasions and events.

1.  Patches the pig dog.   
2.  Did Dave break the guitar string?
3.  Geno's vs. Pat's
4.  What stays in the van, freezes in the van.
5.  Bread in the face=broken nose.
6.  Parking garage terror.
7.  The strange and curious and disgusting things found in guest beds.
8.  Hair pieces and old lady bras.
9.  Guided tour of Gettysburg.  Pennsylvania blew Virginia out of the water.  I'm just sayin'.
10.  Email delight.

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