What Happened??? on Wednesdays

What happened???

It's what I asked myself when I stared at my high school photos.  

I used to be thin. 

Not anorexic.  Not scary skinny.  Not bony.  

Let's face it, this girl's always had some junk in the trunk. 

But I used to not be so . . . squishy.  

Over the years I've had babies, weight fluctuations (thanks to medications and hormones), stress eating, weight loss and gains, and feeble attempts at weight loss and physical well-being. 

It's a vicious, vicious cycle. 

But, I've HAD IT with the squishy. 

So, each Wednesday I'm going to post what I've done that week to make my health a priority.  

I've started a diet--severely cutting back on sugars and carbs--my body's drug of choice. 

I'm figuring out which workout/physical activity will work best for me. 

And (because I really want to take this seriously). . .

I will post my monthly weight loss and photos.  

I'm seriously serious about this.  

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