Squeaky Fresh

I love a good fresh start.

I love the feeling of New Year's even though it's not really a fresh start.

You know that, right?  That New Year's is really just a day and is eerily familiar--almost like the day before that and the day before that?

But, I like the idea of a fresh start.  A chance to make things new. A chance to make things different and better.

We spent a good part of this week cleaning up and cleaning out closets and our attic.  Our hallway and dining room look very much like an episode of "Hoarders" because we have so many boxes and items stacked up.  We have piles of clothes for Goodwill, Christmas decorations, bigger clothes for Lily and too-small clothes for Molly.  We have trash stacked up by the outside cans and a crate of papers to shred.

Chris said that it would be colder in our house now that we didn't have so much "insulation."

We also found bits and photos from our past--whew.  Some of you need to be kissing my toes now that I'm not scanning these bad boys for the whole world to see.

Seriously, you can thank me later.


Moving forward. . .I love looking back at that girl I was, and the girl I am today.  I don't feel too old until I look back and laugh at some of the crazy things I used to worry with.  I also like that I remember her and that deep down I'm still the same old girl I used to be (cue Eagles. . . plus 2 points if you can identify that song!)

I took a stroll down memory lane, smiled, and put less of the items back into memory boxes.  Sometimes it's ok to let go of the past.

It's good that life changes, but it's always good to remember your roots.

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