Mama A Says: Just Be Yo-self!

Hello Dear Students,

I am SO EXCITED that in just a few hours I get to see many of your wonderful faces and get to catch up with all the exciting things you have done over the break.  I love to hear what's going on with you, your main squeeze, and the hoodlum-esque stories you unload in my office.

But, the thing I love most about you, is when you act like yourself. 

You are some pretty fun people to be around, and none of you are the same.  Please do not feel like you need to change this, that, or the other about you to make people like you more.  How many times have you looked at someone and said with a roll of your eyes/sucking of the teeth/head crank, "Look at So & So, they are trying so hard to be like BlahBlah because So & So thinks that BlahBlah's poopie don't stink."

Ok, maybe you didn't use the word "poopie." 

Some of you are laughing and say, "Yeah, that's So & So!" and ignoring the gianormous plank sticking out of your own lovely eyeballs. 

So, in the event you're curious if this blog is referring to you, please take the following quiz prepared by none other than your Professor who loves you: 

1.  When selecting music to download on your iPod, do you think about what people would say if they scrolled through and saw your playlists?

2.  Do you utilize vocabulary or phrases that your favorite people (outside of your inner circle) use on a regular basis?

3.  Do you select your wardrobe based on the classes you have that day? For example, you have classes with Mr. Sweet Cheeks (facial cheeks ya'll, come on. . .) on MWF, but on TTh you look like trash because you know you won't see him. 

4.  Do you obsessively learn all the words to Miss Looks Hot's favorite song/movie/poem to impress her with the random knowledge you just happen to randomly know itmustbeasignfromtheLord?

5.  Do you buy trinkets, cell phones, or shoes as status symbols?

6.  Do you ladies watch ESPN (pronounced one letter at a time E. S. P. N., not 'espin') to call out sports scores of your favorite boy's favorite team?

7.  Do you have chaffing because you have to wear skinny jeans?

8.  Do you wear prescriptionless Rob Bell glasses?

9.  Do you Wikipedia things you know nothing about to have the ability to throw around foreign last names and people who did really cool things?

And finally. . .

10.  Do you hate on people who seem to effortlessly draw the attention of others? 

If you answered "yes" to any or all of these, run to the nearest mirror and take a good, long look at yourself. 

You are beautiful (no matter what they saayyyyyyy  sorry, Christina Aguilera moment). 

You are handsome. 

Psalm 139:14, ya'll!

Embrace your weirdness, your quirks, your ticks, and your flaws. 

They were put there on purpose--and they will serve you well in the future.  

Love and Smooches, 
Mama A. 

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