I kinda know every word to Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise."

I know.  I know. 

I'm the kinda g little homies want to be like.  

Tonight a commercial came on tv with that song in the background--and I was instantly staring off to the right, noddin' my head, and assuming my rapper face.  

Only the chosen few get to see my rapper face. 

I'm sure I looked intimidating sitting on the couch with my fluffy shihtzu, Buster Ray, wearing my pj pants, ECU sweatshirt, and typing on my MacBook.

Tonight my memory failed (slightly) but I could remember some key phrases.

And I said them with conviction.

Because that's what you do with your all time favorite songs.

The kind you turn up in the car with your fellow (elderly) car mates and sing along to on your Fantastic Voyage.  

And the goodness continues. . .

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