To Santa or Not To Santa

This conversation gets hot and crazy this time of year among the Christian circles.

Team Santa and Team Not Santa start gathering their ammunitions and begin hurling insults at the opposing team.

I say, celebrate the season at your house as you see fit.  

If the Big Man comes to your house and drops off gifts, fantastic. 

If your children know there's not a Big Man but you still pretend and they wake up to find gifts under the tree by Pretend Big Man, fantastic. 

If you don't give gifts at all from a Big Man, fantastic. 

But, instead of preaching to each other, being rude and self-righteous--let's just remember the REAL reason for the season.  

It certainly isn't fighting over the existence of Santa.  

FYI--he isn't real.  

But, according to my children, he is as real as the Disney princesses.  

One day they are going to figure it all out. 

And that's ok, too. 

But until then, they will continue to be princesses, ballerinas, chefs, builders, singers, guitar players, karate choppers and kung fu panda fighters, and gift recipients from Santa.

You can read a non-preachy version of what my friends the Woolards do for Christmas here

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