These are a few of my favorite things. . .

These first few weeks of December are sheer madness for the Avery family--programs, visitors, obligations, doctor's appointments, weddings, work, school, and life.  It's enough to take my breath away when I look at our calendar.

However, I'm approaching each event with joy and gratitude.  My life is filled with wonderful people and events this holiday season, and daggone it I'm going to enjoy every last minute of this season (even when it threatens to kills me!)

For example, my program at school has been this past week.  My students were incredible.  Absolutely marvelous!  I wish you could have heard them--especially Friday when they performed for a packed chapel.  And then, those sweet, sweet, sweet students presented me with this lovely arrangement:

I feel Christmasy just looking at it!  So pretty! :)

I also had the opportunity to sing at a Hospice service this week.  We honored 86 individuals who passed away under their care.  I was honored to be a part of the service, especially since Jill was one of the individuals being recognized.

Now, Aaron Saufley is a good guy and most days I wouldn't consider punching him the face.  But when he turned around and asked me if I wanted to speak a few words on Jill's behalf, I could have killed him.

First of all, I was trying not to lose all self-control.  Secondly, I wasn't prepared with eloquent words.

However, I took a few breaths and realized that if I didn't say anything, Jill would forever chide me in Heaven for not speaking on her behalf.  So, because Jill is my homegirl, I got up and spoke with Gil, Chris W., and Jordan.  Such a lovely night, but wow, what an emotional experience.

Chris' birthday was Saturday.  
I pulled a few strings and got it to snow for him.  

This morning we went to church, ate lunch at Moe's, and now we're doing what I love best about Sunday afternoons in the winter:

Snoozing in front of the fire. 

More to say. . . 

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