I've spent a lot of time thinking about my resolution for the coming year. 

Molly said hers was to encourage people to not waste power by unplugging appliances when they weren't in use. 

Gotta love her love for the environment at age 6.  

She's apparently already a product of the media. 

Anyhoo, this is my resolution for 2011:

Make decisions.  
And be ok with those decisions.  

There you have it.  Whoo to the hoo.  

Actually, I'm rather proud of my decision* as at times I become excessively indecisive and constantly second-guess myself.  I am such a pleaser and find myself so caught up worrying about what I say and do and how it affects others and what will they think and do they still consider me slightly above-average intelligent and funny and nice and cool or whatever the new with-it phrase it and can I live with this forever???

So, instead of worrying constantly, I'm going to try to make decisions, stick to them, and move on in 2011.  

Life is just too stinkin' short to worry about things that I worry about.  

Maybe I should amend my resolution to this (see how I can't even live with a resolution that isn't measured by anyone other than myself????):

Make decisions.  
Worry less, trust more. 
And be ok with those decisions. 

Actually, I think I like this better.  I like being ok with the decision to worry less and trust more.  

Now that I have worked through this nightmare (seriously type-A people like myself cannot handle the responsibility of finding the BEST resolution for ourselves), I'm making the decision* to drink some coffee, read a little, and tackle my household to-do list for the day. 

And I'm in love with that decision.*  

*You liked those plays on the word "decision," didn't you???  

Well, I guess it wasn't exactly a play on words, but more appropriate usage of the word. . . but still, you liked it, admit it. 

I know you did.  

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