Good Enough

My house is receiving a lot of company this holiday season. 

Friends, family, and the folks who grace our home on a regular basis. 

I've decided I'm not super woman.  

Therefore, you must heed this warning if you come to my house this holiday season:

You may find clutter. 

You may find boxes of things moving to and from the attic. 

You will find laundry in various seasons of putting away-age. 

You might find incomplete home improvement projects. 

You may find dishes in the sink. 

You may find dust. 

You may find unmade beds. 

You may find toys strewn all over the house. 

You may find this and that. 

You might find me in my sweatshirt and pj pants.

But, I guarantee you'll find love and celebration of the season. 

Dear friends, that will just have to be good enough. 

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