And this little girl got married!

This little girl got married this past Friday night. 

She was my very first cousin.  She is one of two.

I remember the day my mom told me my aunt was expecting her.

I remember when she became "Rachel" instead of the unknown baby.

She took her first steps in my hallway.

She stole my gum--chewed it--and put it back in the package while no one was looking.

She was a terror to babysit.  She lied to get me into trouble before I could tattle on her for things she actually did.

She pierced her own ears once.  This girl was NO JOKE.

And, then, one day, she got old.

And became more than a bratty punk kid I'd babysit so our parents could go to concerts and movies together like grown-ups like to do.

She sang at my wedding and was a bridesmaid.

She went to college, got a job, and has an apartment.

And, this past weekend, she got MARRIED to a great guy.

And a little piece of me got a little sad because it was the end of an era.  

But, I'm delighted because it's the beginning of something even better.  

Congrats Rachel & Josh!

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