Why I Love the Season

Ok, it is no secret that I'm a obsessed individual.

Whenever August hits and we start planning for back to school, I'm already telling myself, "In a few short months you can decorate for Christmas."

My name is Amanda, and I am a Christmasholic.  

I own it.

Oh yes I do.

Bring on the tinsel, the tree, the stockings, the candles, the garland, the reindeer, the Santa, the nativity, the hot chocolate, the Christmas and holiday coffee blends, the blankets, the ornaments, the fa la la la las, and give me my Charlie Brown.

I want it all.

And you know why?

Because Christmas tends to bring out the best in people. 

Now, I know it's also the madness in which people get cranky and overtired and overspent and just crazy acting.

In my opinion, all of that is self-imposed (and I'm guilty just like everyone else).

I think part of the reason I get the decor out early is to avoid the madness.

I want my Christmas to be a season of joy.

It's the time I spend reminiscing about the years past.

Family memories singing in front of the fireplace until the wee morning hours.

Special ornaments from special people near and far.

Stopping to remember why we love our people so much.

Taking time to stop and do special things with our loved ones.

Preparing special foods and spending time together in the kitchen.

Delicious smells.

The magic of the season.  

The wonder of childhood. 

The desire to believe that people really are good.

The Salvation Army bell.

Secrets and wrapping special things for special people.

Holiday movies and snuggling on the couch.

Footed pajamas.

Hayrides and cider.


Christmas cookies.

Christmas carols and classic seasonal songs.

I recognize that all of these things are trivial, but goodness me I love them all.

Simple pleasures, simple gestures, simple moments.  

This is my Christmas.  

My simple celebration of a simple birth thousands of years ago.  

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