It's no secret that my husband has a slight affection for a certain game I'll simply refer to as "Oww."  You can attempt to rearrange the letters to this game if you like, otherwise, just use the pseudo name.

My husband, along with his friends, get together via The Internets to play this game a few nights a week.  It's not uncommon to hear my husband screaming at the computer screen at 12:42am during an intense fight on Oww.  In fact, sometimes these guys have to apologize the next day for their aggression and name calling after an important battle for gear.

Imaginary gear.  

Gear that doesn't work in real life. 

What in the world???

You may be thinking to yourself, "Hmmm, this girl's husband must be one of those pasty pale dudes with adult acne and sippin' on a Slurpee while he plays this game because his tail only works at GameStop."

You would be absolutely wrong.  

My husband has a great job, as do his gaming pals.  They are some of the most intelligent, well rounded, respected people I know.

They just like to play this stupid game.

What is even worse is when they start speaking Oww in public.

It sounds sort of like this:

"Hey man, you playin' tonight?"

"Yeah man, we're gonna attempt to find Purple Pony and the Magic Saddle with matching wristbands.  It lets you level up and ride the Rainbow of Joy around the moon four times.  And then I can land on the moon and find the Cloak of Moodiness at the Crater of Doom that allows me to chant and cast spells on other guilds and make them do a hoedown right there on the screen while I shoot them with my laser beam of mustard!"


Oh dear.

And these boys used joke us girls for playing with dolls.

At least our dolls were REAL AND TANGIBLE OBJECTS!!!!!!!!! 


***This post is Christacular-approved and officially rated A for Awesome.***

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