Steam from the Mug.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I NEEEEEEEED this Fall Break.

I didn't realize how beat I was--mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

I didn't realize that every time I had logged into my work email this past week I had gotten a knot in my stomach.

I didn't realize that every single FB update from students would plummet my soul so much.

I didn't realize that I would mentally check out at several points during the week to just survive.

This week I'm going to be selfish.  I'm going to love on the people I love the most.  I'm going to take care of myself.  I'm going to drink and savor a lot of coffee and hot tea and sit and ponder and wallow and smile and laugh and enjoy life for a little while.

I'm going to sit and read the Word and journal in my kitchen in the mornings because I don't have to rush out the door to the world.  I can enjoy that moment of sunlight in my kitchen when the sun hits the stained glass and my blue Mason jar--when the room is yellow with Love.

I'm going to read decor magazines, prepare for the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR (I can start decorating 3 weeks from today!!!!  If I ever needed a little Christmas it is right this very minute!!!), take naps, invite people over, and just be the person I am.

I'm going to be a girl.  I'm going to be a wife.  I'm going to be a mommy.  I'm going to be a friend.  I'm going to be a servant.  

I'm going to breathe.

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