I cannot take much more of this.

My heart is so tired of crying.

Literally, I feel like everything around me is just doom and gloom these days.

These past few weeks have been complete and total crap.


My dear friend, Jill, passed away.  Lost a long battle with ALS.  Sucks.

Major bouts with anxiety.  Major.  Sucks.

My aunt had a cancer scare.  Scary.  Sucks.  

My school and the events of the past week.  Sucks.

Heartaches for a lot of people around me--for various reasons.

And NOW I find out that a fellow teacher from my previous job was killed today in a freak accident--leaving behind her husband, newborn, and her eight year old (whom I taught).

Really?  Really?????  When will it stop????

I cannot cannot cannot take much more.

I've completely dropped my yoke.

Please, please, please make it stop.

Come quickly, Jesus.

We're desperate for you.

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