Thoughts On Thursday: Incomplete

1.  I'm glad it's cloudy today.  I feel moody.  I ordinarily have moments of okness and then surprise sneak attack fits of sadness.

2.  Tomorrow is Jill's memorial service.  3pm at Christ's Church.  She put a lot of thought into her service and how she wanted it to be.  To the T.  She is so selfless that way.  I cry more thinking about that then anything else.

3.  I made it all day yesterday until almost dinner time without crying.  I'm using Jill's rule that if the tears don't leave your eyeballs then it's not really crying.  It doesn't count.

4.  Please don't wear black to Jill's service tomorrow.  She wouldn't want us to look so somber.

5.  I'm more than ready for fall.  Right this minute.

6.  I'm taking my frustrations out on my wallpaper in my kitchen.  We have 14 people coming over to our house on Sunday and I don't even care if half my kitchen is partially covered in 1990s wallpaper.

Sometimes I want to paint it yellow.

I don't even like yellow.

7.  I really almost snapped on someone within the past 24 hours.  I bit my tongue instead.

8.  Lily cannot say the word "news"--it comes out like "moos."  Bad moos.

9.  I told Molly about Jill last night.  I didn't want to tell her before school yesterday morning and start her day off on the wrong foot.

She cried.


She said, "But Mrs. Jill won't see me until I'm a grown up." (in Heaven)

That's when number 3 occurred.

We were ok when we imagined Jill shaking her booty in heaven with the angels.  That still brings giggles.  Molly demonstrated some sort of 70s disco move action--semi hustle and Saturday Night Fever.  She believed that to be Jill's signature move for whatever reason.

I'm sure Jill was laughing, too. 

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