Thoughts on Thursday: Buster Edition

Molly has a family project due tomorrow.  This particular one was on pets.  

If you've been to our house, you've met our Buster Ray.

Yes, his middle name is Ray.  Molly decided that Buster needed a middle name.

Like Billy Ray Cyrus, Hannah Montana's daddy.  

Buster's name selection came from "My Friends Tigger and Pooh"--she wanted a white dog with spots like Darby.  

And, thus, we found Buster Ray, shih tzu.

Molly was three, Lily was 4 months old, and Amanda was on crack apparently.  

He's probably greeted you overexcitedly.  

This, in addition to his apparent need to occasionally mark his territory, has resulted in his man wrap.  

Your pant legs and shoes will thank me for it.  

He is a very sweet dog.  He's especially cute when he comes home from the groomer.  

And he loves to play with the girls outside.  He has never bit either of the girls, allows them to roll and tumble on top of him, and always wants to shower people with kisses.  

Molly is the only one who tolerates his kisses.  The rest of us are grossed out by them.  

He is aggravating, but I do love this little dog. 

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