Hello Tuesday

Tuesdays in September are . . .

my chance to make the rest of the week run smoothly.

sitting on the couch before dawn with a cup of coffee and my wonderful stinky dog.

rumpled blonde hair broke eye baby who smells deliciously like sleep and small child and lavender baby shampoo who likes to snuggle before demanding a chocolate poptart and banana.

sunlight reflecting on the blue Mason jar in my kitchen window.

early morning coolness seeping through open windows and screen doors.

preparing my six year old for another day of school--hoping I've given her everything she needs for the day, and hoping she'll stand on her own two feet.

several loads of laundry freshly washed, dried, and promptly folded.

waiting for the laundry putterupper fairy to arrive.

the days I'm so incredibly thankful for a job that allows me to be home instead of fighting bus traffic, school bells, and the day in day out routine.

when I remember how blessed I am.

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