Happy Birthday Dear Jill, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Hello Friend--today would have marked your 50th birthday on this earth.

I can see you running around Heaven saying, "Hi I'm Jill and I'm only in my 40s."

You are such a funny girl that way.

We miss you so much--and some days I would give anything to hear your voice or shoot you an email to tell you what's on my mind and heart.  You always had a great story to share or funny incident to laugh about.

Yesterday at church we sang one of your songs.  Rachel sang the high notes--she rocked it out.  You would have been so proud of her.  I will never be able to sing it again without getting a little teary.

I miss laughing and crying with you the most.

It hurts the most when I unexpectedly forget that you aren't around.  When reality crashes in.

However, I don't wish for one moment for you to come back and deal with that stupid terrible, terrible, terrible disease.  Not a bit.

I know you're well and fine--and that gives me great comfort.


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