Visit With Jill

Several of you have commented that I seem very down.

Well, you're right.

I'm down.

This is not pleasant to say the least.

I saw Jill this morning and she was resting in her room.  She opened her eyes to acknowledge me, she attempted to communicate through hand squeezes, and seemed more at peace when Cliff, Megan, and Joel were at her side.

There was a certain sweetness in the room. 

I walked out of there sad that I had to tell Jill goodbye and that I may never see her again.  

And, if I don't see her again in that body I'm ok with that.  

That body is not Jill.  

Jill's apparently too much for her earthly container--and she will certainly outlast it. 


This world is not our home and that's why we get so upset, sad, mad, and heartbroken.  

This is not how it was meant to be. 

But, I can say with confidence that I am at peace, as much as one can be at peace in situations like this.  

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