Thoughts on Thursday: Friday Edition

1.  This week has been madness as I have worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and I'm heading over again in just a few hours for more.  With intensives (semester classes crammed into a few days), orientation, and just plain old back to school, I am BEAT!  Today will be long with registration, new student dinner, and then a social activity, but it's so fun meeting the new students.

2.  I broke down and bought a pair of boots.  I've been searching and searching for a pair for the winter and I've only seen 2 pairs I really liked.  I have personal pride rules about not looking like a cowgirl or rhinestone rodeo girl.  I also have no use for ridiculously high stiletto heels.  Dumb, dumb, and dumber.  I didn't pay a lot for them (compared to the $200+ models I really liked in Raleigh this past week) and I'm ready for them to come in.

3.  I will NOT wear them with stirrup leggings.  I saw them live and in person this past week and nearly gagged on myself.  However, if I was to break down and buy some stirrups to wear under the boots I have purchased, I have some rules I've given myself and (highly suggest you enforce with yourself) in public and private as well:  1.  Amanda Avery will not wear spandex cotton pants with stirrups.  Absolutely freaking not.  2.  If one chooses to wear stirrups, do NOT pair them with a flat or anything else that shows the actual stirrup.  Just let it be your little secret.

4.  Chris and I ate Mongolian last night.  I have a love/hate relationship with that place.  I like the food but I HATE what it does to me.  Delicious pineapple is the secret to yum.  However, it requires a shower after consumption.  And I'll leave it at that.

5.  I think my husband is funny.

6.  I'm sure my students think I'm overly happy to see them.  I am happy to see them--they crack me up!

7.  I ate lunch with a student this past week who had spent her summer in Hawaii completing her internship.  I was delighted to hear about her travels, her aspirations, and to chat about life in general.  She's awesome.

8.  I want to visit NYC again.  I really enjoyed that trip last year with my family.

9.  My mom is awesome.  While we were visiting Raleigh for Lily's eye appointment we drove over to Crabtree for window shopping.  I had my eye on some cute candle holders in Crate & Barrel but chose to leave them behind because it wasn't a need.  She bought them for me and I can't WAIT to bust them out along with the rest of my fall decor.  I don't have nearly the same amount of fall decor as my Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb seasonal decor, but it just primes the pump you know to have a little orange and red and brown (smooch I heart brown) in your September and October.

10.  Lily went to her specialist on Tuesday (another thing in this crazy week).  He was concerned that the patching will leave residual turning (crossing) of the eye so she will wear her eye patch for 3-4 hours a day for now and then arrive at her next appointment in December patchless to determine if the turning is a result of her patch removal (we took it off during the appointment) or permanent.  If it's permanent she'll need corrective surgery.  Blah.

11.  (oooh a bonus!) Is anyone else around here SUPER EXCITED about Pirate Football?  Anyone around here have some tickets they need to get rid of???????  ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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