Sweet Buster likes to wake me up with a low but cheerful bark usually around 5:50am each morning.  I groan, but then I oblige him with a trip outside to the potty.  Since it normally takes him around 5 minutes or so to find the appropriate spot to go (or much more if it's raining) I'm usually awake by the time he comes back inside.

The last month or so I've been staying up since it's back to work time for me and to allow my body to ease off of the summer schedule.  It's a peaceful time in the morning, especially when I don't have to go to work, and I usually sit to read blogs or start the coffee.  I know that soon little feet will be coming down the hall and my day will begin--but for just a few minutes my time is actually mine.


Today my mind is on Caroline, Jill, and my students returning to MACU in two weeks.

My mind is also on my mommy friends who are dealing with regular day-to-day concerns around the house, job, church, and life in general.  It's so hard sometimes and we tend to compare ourselves to one another.  It's simply not a competition, yet we all want to win.  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of playing that game.  I'll just take care of my children, and you just take care of yours and hopefully they won't kill us in the process.

Napping--who knew I would crave it so much??  Lily and I took a nap together in my room on Sunday afternoon and we both slept over two hours!  I never take a nap--and I never nap that long but I was so refreshed afterwards we might do it every Tuesday and Thursday and weekend this year!

My mind is also on something in particular and I'm not sure if I'm really hearing a whisper from above or just my own mind/heart jumping to conclusions.  I hate/love it when I have a hunch about things and I get curious as to whether things pan out.  I've been right enough times to trust my hunches, but I also get a little scared when they are things I'm not sure I want to deal with or think about.  So, in the meantime, I will just pray.  And if you are the praying sort and want to join me, that would be awesome. :)

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

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